13 April 2014

The Glass Onion

Ok....so back to a favorite restaurant on Cape Cod, The Glass Onion in Falmouth, MA.  Charming little place with a simple, clean and flavorful menu of perfect bites.  We opted for sharing appetizers, which is never a bad way to go especially after a late lunch.

To go with our wine we had oysters

A caprese type dish with a twist of roasted tomatoes 

And an amazing duck liver pate either marble rye toast and marmalade...  This pate is not to be missed.  Mmmmmmmm........

05 April 2014

Gray's on Main

Ok....many of you know that I often take pictures of my food...not sure exactly why except so often...it's just beautiful.  So, I've decided to post some of the photos....here we go...

Gray's on Main in Franklin, TN - groovy vibe in the place.  And check out the history of this once pharmacy.  Now a restaurant with an interesting take on southern food...I found the wait staff friendly, personable and knowledgeable.
The drink menu is varied but there is a focus on brandy...old school seasonal brandy drinks.  So many to choose from.  Honestly I couldn't select....so our server said what do you like or not like and do you trust me to tell the bartender to make that for you?
What I ended up with was the Fernet & Falernum...described in the menu as Fernet Branca with a house dram of lime, ginger, almond and allspice.  Now, not usually what I would have chosen, but so yummy.
And the food...   So rather than go with an entree we decided to share some of the yummy looking appetizers.

Shrimp and Grits....as you can see very different from the every offering down here (that's Yankee talk for the south)

Pecan Crusted Okra...crispy take on the usual fired southern side with a comeback sauce...spicy and creamy.

Fried Pimento Cheese - ok....now I am one of those people who loves pimento cheese...come on...cheddar, roasted red peppers, maybe a little mayo and some zing.  Well, this version is gooey, slightly spicy, creamy and hanging out with moonshine red pepper jelly.  The touch of sweetness brings out the zing.  This was my favorite of the evening.

Truffle Fries...just like it sounds...spicy fries in truffle oil topped with shaved Parmesan.  Yum...enough said.

We also had the Prosciutto Pizza, which I didn't get a shot of, but also highly recommend.  We already knew this was a do over, but as we finished we saw some entrees coming out to other tables and that sealed the deal....need to check out the entrees next time.

Also, there is music....usually on the weekends so check out the schedule.  Their site is very complete with a history of the city, building and store front as well as anything else you might need.  Enjoy!

01 April 2014

Deco Columns Throw

Ok....new knitting pattern up.  Loved working on this.  It's huge but knitting very quickly. Check it out!!

18 March 2014

Hand Work

Ok.....this blog post was passed on to me by Jan...it's lovely...it is a perfect statement about what we do and love.  Enjoy!

14 March 2014

Scrappy Afghan

Ok.....so I've been trying to figure out what to do with all the single hanks of fibre I spin....then I noticed, yes it took a moment....that the colour palatte is not bad and they, for the most part, go well together....   So, I have started a throw which is stripes of the random hanks of yarn I've spun...knit in random stitch designs...so far lots of fun and very random.

08 March 2014

Ombre' Cowl

Ok.....this is how it went....

Day 1 - So excited to pick out yarn for this cowl.  Have seen it on display in the shop many times and on people...now getting in on that action.  Pick out Berroco Folio...alpaca and rayon, very soft...beige, camel and apple green.  Come home, look at other projects...decide none of them was as exciting as starting a new project....started the Ombre' cowl.

Day 2 - Continued to knit on the cowl...stockinette stitch, easy...adding the first Ombre' combo...nice.

Day 3 - Knit more on the cowl, moved from the Ombre' section to the second colour only...a little too much of a stripe rather than a progression of colour, but might be ok.

Day 4 - Knit more...now into the second Ombre' colour.  Blending is ok, although now I'm thinking I should have put these in a different order...but again, the Ombre' section doesn't look too bad.

Day 5 - Have moved from the second Ombre' section to the final solid colour.  Again, big stripe...not what I see in the patter or remember seeing on others.  Hm...I bet this will look great all bunched up around my neck...yeah. Finished cowl...does not fit me right...seems too big....seems to not really drape or fold right...colours look too striped.  What is not right here?  What is off about this?  I can knit, right?  I can read a patter, right...after all it's just stockinette stitch?  Should I take a photo?  I hate this thing.

Day 6 - Frog Ombre' cowl.  Still love yarn.  Put yarn to rest....it's been a long week.

March Square

Ok.....I love this square.  This might be a do over.

28 February 2014

A Few Beginnings

Ok....just some random beginnings this week...

The Iditarod starts tomorrow...yipppeee.  No idea why I've always been fascinated with this race...don't know much about the details, the mushers, the winners history...but I'm impressed with the endurance and stamina.  Very cool.

I have decided that it's time I make some preserved lemons...why you ask...because I've been cooking Moroccan and they are found in a lot of dishes...yummy.  Also just wanted to see if i could.

And lastly....limoncello....yum.  Making my first batch.  Inspired by Kristin.   I did have a bunch of naked lemons that have now become lemon juice cubes.

All of things occur over time...but the wait is worth it.

27 February 2014

Under the Red Dress

Ok....so I'm going to go a little off book here to post about something that has had such a profound impact on me....Under the Red Dress Project. Before you just click on the link, know that the photos are beautiful and very vivid of a breast cancer survivor..they are nude.

Seems that we are regularly caught up in outward appearance...not only our own, "I can't go out looking like this." but what others look like...what people wear..brands, hair, make-up, physical fitness, features, boobs, bums, muscles....  We spend hours making ourselves look "presentable" to go out of the house because we care about how we are perceived based on how we are draped with our clothing, make-up and products...skin care products, hair products, tooth produces, hand products, nail products, coloured products, neutral products...everything we can think of to make the veneer look acceptable....better.

We don't show off what's underneath or inside.  We hide.  All of us have scars...physical and emotional. When I was 5 years old...I fell on a gravel driveway...I still wear the scar on my knee.  We all have them. Some, like my knee tattoo are easily dismissed or forgotten, but so many have other physical scars. Scars that prove we have survived an illness, a surgery or a procedure.  But no one knows about them because society doesn't like them.  Society doesn't like to see them...so we hide.  Let's not even talk about the scars that cannot be seen; the scars we carry inside.

The woman in the project photographs has survived a horrific disease and treatment, but the fact is...she survived.  Isn't that the key to all of this?  Isn't that what we should see in her?  We should be able to wear scars like medals, but that isn't ok, is it?  Imagine the compassion in a world that would allow us to see. Imagine how freeing.  Imagine having to actually find a way to "see" someones heart...their character rather than at the beautiful hair, face and dress.  I know there are so many in this world that do just that...they look at a person; really look at who a person is...but media doesn't like us that way.  Media even changes the shapes of beautiful women with no scars because that just isn't good enough either.  For those of you that are women reading this, you can relate.  You know the process.

I look at this woman and I see someone who is strong, courageous, beautiful both ways and most of all, is a survivor....whether she knows any of this or not.  Here's to her...to the people in this world who get up everyday and put the veneer on to try to be beautiful when they don't feel that way...to try to be beautiful when that is not what they see in the mirror.  And here is to the people who love her...who love us...with our scars, with our stories...without anything perfect.

24 February 2014

Infinite Circles

Ok....you asked for it and here it is....the Reversible Circles of Lace Pattern has been reconfigured to be an infinity scarf....Reversible Circles of Infinity....Enjoy!

21 February 2014

Spinning Teal

Ok...I told you I did some spinning at the beach....precisely a beautiful pound of BFL/Tussah in Teal thanks to Jan. 

16 February 2014


Ok....I discovered that the beach has it's own timeline.  I long for time away from work, mostly because I want a break from the schedule....from having to be somewhere at a certain time.  The beach can be this kind of place, but not completely....the beach has it's own schedule.  I found myself working toward sunset and oysters.  Now I know, not a taxing schedule...not something to dread, but a schedule none the less.  Although I have seen it a million times, each evening I sat (with my camera) waiting for the day to come to a close.  Waiting for the sun to dip into the horizon on the last leg of it's journey.  So beautiful.  So peaceful.  There we all were; friends and strangers...no matter where on the shore I was....gathered to watch this quiet decent.