25 November 2015

A Fall Retreat

Ok....so sometimes you just have to get away to knit, spin and partake of general shenanigans with your fellow fiberists.  It was a wonderful weekend in Sewanee on the mountain....just us, the wind and trees...and plenty of fibre.  Add in a little weaving, a yarn bombing and a beautiful peace banner for St. Mary's.

17 November 2015

Spinning Mermaid Tail

Ok......so a beautiful hand painted hank from Jan at Daily Fibers....and it does look like scales from a mermaid tail....  And the spinning of it on the lake was perfect while watching for those elusive gals.

10 November 2015

Elementary Mrs. Watson

Ok....so just using up some of the Miss Babs yarn I have left and have to say....this was a good project for it.  The knitting was fun and I'm pleased with the colours.

04 November 2015

Mighty Mac

Ok.....so it's been a long time since I've visited or crossed this bridge...so a very exciting day for me.  It was gloomy and rainy, so the lake was rough and white caps, but so beautiful.  We crossed into the Upper Peninsula and drove along the lake to DeTour, Mi...the crossing to Drummand Island.  Gorgeous!!

30 October 2015

The Food

Ok....you knew it was coming....yum.  From amazing crepes at That French Place in Charlevoix, to Mussels at Cafe Sante in Boyne City, to farm to table at Twisted Olive in Petoskey and Northern Table in Boyne City......it was sometimes about the food.

27 October 2015

The Land

Ok....just enjoying the beautiful land around the lakes.

23 October 2015

The Lake

Ok.....so Michigan is beautiful...really...it is.  It's hills and forests....and it's water.  Seeing it this time of year is a treat....enjoying the low, intense sunsets over Lake Michigan or Lake Charlevoix is bliss.

21 October 2015


Ok....to add to my favorite time of year....the harvest is amazing to just ogle let alone eat.  I snapped everything from the farmer's markets in northern Michigan to fields and friends.