06 July 2015

Twilight Yak

Ok....so some more lovely Yak and Silk form Greenwood Fiberwork...  The first picture is more true to the colour.

22 June 2015

Spinning Romney

Ok.....So I have spun Romney before, and from Far Out Farm....but again I am in love with how this spins.  This green is a blend...Romney and Alpaca....soft, fluffy and so well prepared.  Joy!!!

14 June 2015

Handspun Cowl

Ok...so this is a combo knit...mostly bulky handspun, but also a bit of sari yarn.  Interesting.  Patten was the infinity cowl with 103 CO sts.

08 June 2015

Spinning Tribe

Ok....interesting spin.  Yak and Silk...slippery.  Five one ounce hanks spun into a grade.

02 June 2015

21 May 2015

Black Hollyhocks

Ok....beautiful Lynne Vogel colours from Three Waters Farm navajo plyed...

15 May 2015

Tea Leaves

Ok....so as usual, lovely to spin this beautiful polworth, merino and silk fibre from Dicentra.  Add to the lush fibre the gorgeous colours Lisa saturates into the fibre.  So beautiful!!

07 May 2015

Throwing Stripes

Ok......so this is a project I first sawMyra knitting on Martha's Vineyard while there last year and I fell in love....so, I had to do it.  Alix of the Vineyard Knitworks shop designed it....simple and lovely.  At first I thought this amount of ribbing would kill me, however, it was very meditative and come to find out, a good way to practice my continental knitting.  The yarn is Cascade Highland Eco Duo, alpaca and merino...fuzzy, fluffy and so soft.  Here's to simplicity....thanks Alix.

29 April 2015

May Square

Telescope Lattice

24 April 2015


Ok....so one more hank spun for the afghan of scrap.  This is BFL dyed by River's Edge Fiber Arts.  Beautiful and will make a nice addition to all the colours going into this afghan.